Reda Ismail Abdelrahman, Ph.D.

212 Seaview Ave, Staten island, 

NY 10305


Phone: (347) 656 2602



Ph.D. in Fine Arts, Mural Paintings

El Minya University, Faculty of Fine Arts, El Minya, Egypt, 1999


Master of Fine Arts, Mural Paintings

Helwan University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan, Egypt, 1995


Graduate Diploma in Aesthetics 

El Minya University, Faculty of Fine Arts, El Minya, Egypt, 1988


Graduate Diploma in Graphics

El Minya University, Faculty of Fine Arts, El Minya, Egypt, 1988


Bachelor of Fine Arts, El Minya University, El Minya, Egypt, 1988

(Graduated with Top Honors in the Painting Department)


Professional Experience


Freelance Artist (August 1988 to Present)

Produced various art items that employed my various artistic skills and extended experiences in painting, drawing, mosaics, sculpturing, mural painting, graphic designing, etching print maker, mixed media, and photography




Caravan Exhibition (2013)

Created Caravan exhibition of Art titled Peace and Compassion, launched in Cairo, Egypt, then went to St. Paul’s cathedral London, UK 


Caravan Exhibition of Art (2014)

Created the Caravan Exhibition titled Amen: A Prayer for the World

That exhibition was created for forty-eight artists who were Muslims, Christians, and Jews. 

This exhibition was launched in Cairo, Egypt at the museum of modern art, then went to the National Cathedral in Washington D.C and St. John the Divine in New York city.


The Bridge: East-West traveling Exhibition

Created the Bridge East-West Exhibition showcasing the work of fort-seven premier artists who represented Arab, Persian and Jewish background.

That Exhibition opening in Paris, February 2015 at the Church of St. Germain Des Pres, and in Cairo, New York, Chicago, Spokane, Portland, Wyoming. 


Secretary General of Association of Fine art Lovers, Cairo, Egypt (June 2007 to April 2017)

Created exhibition for artists

Planned prepared and delivered lessons to the association members 

Led art workshops, art critique, and taught visual arts 


The Cultural Development Foundation, Ministry of Culture, Cairo, Egypt (May 2006 to July 2012)

Created and supervised many art exhibitions

Led and managed various art workshops in all the cultural centers around Cairo, Egypt

Technical director of international symposiums


Established an art magazine and curated a gallery in downtown Cairo, both of which were titled Portrait. (March 2005 to March 2011)


Art Professor, Faculty of fine arts Luxor University, Egypt (September 2001 to July 2005)

Taught oil painting, acrylic painting, and mural painting

Taught techniques of mural paintings and mosaics


Art Professor, Faculty of Art Education, Suez Canal university, Egypt (September 1996 to August 2000)

Taught painting, drawing, installation, graphic design, and art history


Assistant Professor, College of Art Education, Menoufia University, Egypt  (September1990 August 1996)


Documentary drawing of ancient Egyptian antiques, Ministry of antiquities, Egypt (1987 to 1990)






Award Conference, Silver Medal, Faculty of Fine Arts, El Minya University, El Minya, Egypt (1984)

College of Fine Arts, El Minya University, El Minya, Egypt (1986)

Certificate of Excellence from the Governorate of Ismailia, Egypt (1988)

Award, National Center for Youth Imagination (1989)

Encouragement Prize of Youth Salon, the 4th in Egypt (1992)

Certificate of Appreciation from General Exhibition, Egypt (1999)

Medal and Certificate of Appreciation from Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, Egypt (2003)

Certificate of Appreciation from the Red Sea Governate, Egypt (2005)

Certification of Appreciation from the National Museum of Jordan (2006)

Certificate of Appreciation from Biennale of Versailles, France (2007)

Certificate of Appreciation from the Egyptian Culture Palace’s Authority (2009)

Oscar and a Certificate of Appreciation from Sultanate of Oman  (2009)                           

Oscar and a Certificate of Appreciation from Luxor International Symposium for painting (2010)

Award for best work of the International Biennial for Graphics, Sarcelles, France (2011)

Certificate of best painting from general exhibition (2012)

Certificate of appreciation from the ministry of culture in Egypt (2013)

Gold medal of appreciation from the Association of Fine art Lovers in Egypt (2014)




More than 100 group exhibitions and art fairs around the world

Thirty-four solo exhibitions and hundreds of group exhibitions around the world (1988 to present)

(Egypt, France, Italy, India, Tunisia, Cuba, Oman, England, Sarajevo, Malta, USA)

Artistic Skills


Painting, drawing, mosaics, sculpturing, mural painting, graphic designing, etching print maker, mixed media, wood carving, and photography


Language Skills


English - Arabic



Available upon request


Education and Academic Roles

-1999 Prof, Painting Dept Education Arts, Suez Canal University

-1999 Obtained a PhD in Mural Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, El Gallery University

-1995 Asst Prof, Painting, Dept of Education Arts, Suez Canal University

-1995 Master Degree of Fine Arts in Mural Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts,

            Helwan University

-1988 Criticism and Aesthetic Diploma, Faculty of Fine Arts, El Gallery University

-1988 Graphic Diploma, Faculty of Fine Arts, El Gallery University

-1988 Bachelor of Fine Arts, El Gallery University (Graduated with top honors in the Painting dept)



Art Practices   -    Painting, drawing, mosaic, sculpture, mural painting and etching



Reda has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout Egypt and around the world (France, Bosnia, India, Cuba, Lebanon, etc).  Here is a list of some of his major exhibitions.


1984                 Exhibition Art and Environment Conference

                        Exhibition in Gallery Culture Palace "collective"

1985                 Exhibition in Gallery Culture Palace "collective"

1986                 Exhibition in Gallery Culture Palace "collective"

1988                 Mural in the theater of Elminia University "Graduation Project" 

                        Exhibition of Fine Arts lovers "collective"
                        Exhibition in Minya Culture Palace
1989                 National Exhibition General "collective"
                        Egyptian Youth Salon in Cairo "collective"
                        Solo exhibition at the Culture Palace, Ismailia
1990                 Exhibition at the Art Lovers Society, Cairo- "collective"
                        Youth Salon Aalqahirh "collective"
1991                 Exhibition Plate of the Society of Fine Arts Lovers
                        Collective exhibition in Tripoli, Libya

                        Egyptian Youth Salon 
1992                 Solo exhibition at Cairo Atelier
                        Youth Salon in Cairo "collective"
                        Collective exhibition “Spring” in the Gallery of the Nile, Cairo
                        Collective exhibition " Kuwait invasion," Sheraton Cairo
1993                 General National Exhibition in Cairo "collective"
                        Egyptian Youth Salon "collective"
                        Exhibition Five Fine Artists Association, "The Rotunda"
                        Solo show in Cairo Atelier

1994                 Egyptian Youth Salon "collective"
1995                 Solo show in Cairo Atelier
                        National Exhibition General "collective"
                        Youth Salon in Cairo "collective"
                        Solo show in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Zamalek, Cairo
1997                 Portrait exhibition in Cairo Opera House, "collective"
1998                 Collective exhibition “Art for the safety of All,” Gallery of Cairo
1999                 Solo show at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Gallery University
2000                 Exhibition particular Hilton Plaza in Hurghada
2003                 National Exhibition, Cairo, Public "collective"
                        Solo show, Gallery of the Salama in Cairo
2004                 Spring Exhibition in the Gallery of Safety in Cairo "collective"
2005                 Collective exhibition in the Gallery of Salma in Cairo
                        National Exhibition Cairo Public "collective"
2006                 Collective exhibition in the Gallery Road "models nude"
                        Solo show in the Gallery of Safety in Cairo
                        Exhibition 10 + 10 in the Gallery portrait in Cairo

                        Small pieces Exhibition at Gallery Portrait in Cairo "collective"
                        Collective exhibition Gallery of the Peace in Maadi, Cairo
                        The first Salon for small round pieces in Portrait Gallery "collective"

2007                 The second Salon for small round pieces at Portrait Gallery Cairo
                        Exhibition collective against the invasion of Lebanon
                        Solo show in the Egyptian Cultural Center in Paris, France

                        International Biennial of Graphic Versailles, France
                        Exhibition, “Egypt in the eyes of  Egyptians”,  Luxor
2008                 Exhibition in Roaa art gallery, Jordan
                        Exhibition, Postal Castle in Bosnia
2009                 Exhibition “On a Caravan” in the Church of St. John's in Maadi, Cairo
                        Commissaire of the Egyptian Exhibition of contemporary painting in Cuba
                        Exhibition in Mount Horna, Bosnia
                        Exhibition of “Egypt in the eyes of Egyptian”,  Cairo Atelier
                        Exhibition “Caravan”  in the Church of St. John's in Maadi

                        National General Exhibition in Cairo "collective"

                        Exhibition inspired by the Historic Cairo "collective"

2010                 Solo exhibition Center of Creativity in Alexandria 
                        Solo exhibition, Gallery Tanis, Cairo 
                        Solo exhibition at Gezira Arts Center
                        Solo exhibition, Gallery Albatheo 
                        Exhibition at the Lalita Kala Academy, New Delhi, India
                        Exhibition “Caravan” in the Church of St. John's, Maadi, Cairo

                        Exhibition, Human body in Palace of Arts, Cairo collective
                        International Symposium for painting, Luxor
                        Exhibition “Caravan” in the Church of St. John's in Maadi, Cairo
                        Woman and Art exhibition
2011                 Collective exhibition of the Revolution in Ebdaa Gallery

                        Exhibition “Caravan” in the Church of St. John's, Maadi, Cairo

2012                 International Symposium for painting,  Cairo
                        Exhibition opening, Theater Hangers

                        Art Fair Beirut, Lebanon

                        Collective Exhibition Art and Revolution in Kasr Alfnon

                        Solo Exhibition in Salama gallery

                        Exhibition “Caravan” in the Church of St. John's, Maadi, Cairo

2013                 Solo Exhibition, “Me and the revolution” in Modern Art Museum, Cairo

                        Collective Exhibition, Zamalek Art Gallery

                        Exhibition “Caravan” in the Church of St. John's, Maadi, Cairo

                        Solo Exhibition, “Me and the Revolution” in Jesuit culture center in Alexandria

                        Group exhibition, “Caravan—In Peace and with Compassion”, St. John’s Church, Maadi, Cairo

                        Egyptian Contemporary Art Collective at Venice Art Design Gallery, Venice, Italy

                        Group exhibition, “Caravan—In Peace and with Compassion”, St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

                        Solo Exhibition in Mosaic Rooms Gallery, London

2014                 Collective Exhibition "Caravan" Cairo - Washington - New York as an artist and curator

                        Solo Exhibition Syra Art Washington "Upper Egypt"

                        National General Exhibition Cairo "collective" Egypt

                        Solo Exhibition "Legand" in Egypt Art Gallery -Zamalek - Egypt 

                        Collective Exhibition in Egypt Art Gallery -Zamalek - Egypt

                        "Collective Exhibition1" in Nile gallery - Zamalek - Egypt

                        "Collective Exhibition2" in Nile gallery - Zamalek - Egypt

 2015                Solo Exhibition Comfort Rest. New York - USA

                        Solo Exhibition "Mahmoud Saaed Museum Alexandria - Egypt

                        National General Exhibition Cairo "collective" Egypt

                        Collective Exhibition in Egypt Art Gallery -Zamalek - Egypt                       

                        Collective Exhibition in Salama Art Gallery -Mohandsien - Egypt

                        Collective Exhibition in Nile Art Gallery -Zamalek - Egypt

                        Collective Exhibition "Caravan" Cairo - Paris - London-Metz as an artist and curator

                        Solo Exhibition "The Donkey" in Egypt Art Gallery -Zamalek - Egypt 

2016                 Collective Exhibition "{The Bridge" New Yourk




Certificates and Awards

1984                Award Conference,  Faculty of Fine Arts, Minya, "silver medal"
1986                Award, College of Fine Arts, Minya
1988                Certificate of Excellence from the Governorate of Ismailia
1989                Award, National Center for Youth Imagination
1992                Encouragement Prize of Youth Salon, the 4th in Egypt
1999                Certificate of Appreciation from General Exhibition, Egypt

2003                Medal and Certificate of Appreciation from Faculty of Fine Arts

                                     in Alexandria
2005                Certificate of Appreciation from the Red Sea, Egypt
2006                Certification of Appreciation from the National Museum of Jordan
2007                Certificate of Appreciation from Biennale of Versailles, France
2009                Certificate of Appreciation from the Egyptian Culture Palace’s Authority
2009                Oscar and a Certificate of Appreciation from Sultanate of Oman                             

2010                Oscar and a Certificate of Appreciation from Luxor International Symposium for painting

2011                Award for best work of the International Biennial for Graphics, Sarcill, France




Reda’s work is collected and held in private collections around the world. Here are a few of his  public collections.

1992                Museum of Modern Art in Cairo
1995                Cultural Development Fund, Cairo
2001                Museum of Modern Art in Cairo
2006                Jordan National Museum 
2007                Municipality Museum of Versailles, France
2009                Collection of Museum of Modern Art, Cairo

2009                Collection at the Spanish Ambassador’s residence, Cairo

2010                Collection at Travco Travel Co.

2013                Collection by the Emir for Sharjah Museum (UAE)


Contributions to collective action

-Designed and built many of the wall paintings and statues around the Red Sea and the South Sinai, Ismailia and El Mansoura.

-Established in 2006 the first printed monthly regular “plastic arts” magazine in Egypt under the name Portrait and established a gallery under the same name

-Helped to re-establish the historic Cairo Center for the Arts and established the first international Symposia for painting in Egypt, 2007

-Awarded a cash prize annually on behalf of the portrait of a brilliant young vanguard of Fine Arts Lovers Society.

-Supervisor on Fine Arts Fund, the cultural development of children and adults through five centers scattered in poor areas from 2006 until the present.

-Managed all gallery creation centers of the Cultural Development Fund in Egypt since 2006 and until the present


Professional Roles

-Instructor and teacher, Professional Education, Faculty of Education University of Menoufiya, 1990-1995

-Associate Professor, Department of Teacher Education & Professional and Home Economics Faculty of Education, University of the Suez Canal, 1996-2000

-In 2000 resigned from the university to work full-time in mural creations: completed nearly 10,000 meters of murals and 12 pursuant dimensional fields' provinces south of the Red Sea and Sinai and Ismailia

-Technical adviser for beautification of Red Sea governorate, 2000-2005.

-Editor-in-chief for the art monthly magazine Portrait, focused on fine arts

-General supervisor in the Cultural Development Fund at the Ministry of Culture in Egypt, from 2006 to the present

-Member of the Jury at the Fishing Club's annual Festival  for children's art, 2007.

-Member of the jury in the competition of murals "Salon Egypt", 2007

-Technical Director of the International Symposium of Aswan for granite carving 2008 & 2009

-Technical Director of the first International Symposium for painting in Luxor- 2008, 2009 & 2010

-Commissaire of the Egyptian Contemporary Painting Exhibition in Havana "Cuba", 2008

-Member of the Jury, People’s Arts Festival, 2008

-Member of the Jury, 17th annual Exhibition of Fine Arts in the Sultanate Oman 2009

-Commissaire of Youth Salon, Egypt, 2011